Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Crafty challenge!!

Hello all, just thought I would update my blog and give a little bit of information about a new challenge I have decided to join!!!

The "love what you wear project" is a brilliant challenge by Bristol Designer Morwhenna Woolcock. The aim of the challenge is to abstain from buying new clothes for a year starting from the 1at November. Instead the aim is to recycle/upcycle, buy secondhand or vintage or customise and make your clothes from scratch!!! (with the exception of underwear & shoes).

I have decided to join this challenge for several reasons:

* To become more frugal
* To learn to be able to make my own simple garments. My Grandmother was a dressmaker for the Royal court, and I have always wanted to be able to make a dress like she did!! A challenge in itself as I have only been able to sew about a year lol!!
* To increase creativity, I love a good charity shop bargain anyway but I am hoping this challenge will inspire me to alter and adapt my purchases a bit more!!!

Well that's all for now, I will keep you updated on my progress throughout the challenge. Please check out www.thelovewhatyouwearproject.blogspot.com for more information and inspiring ideas!!!

Happy crafting


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