Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is the first batch of my own Christmas cards. It seems to be a lot quicker making them in batches. I made 5 of these in about 90 minutes, so a lot quicker than normal. I am also really pleased with the result. Its funny how sometimes you can be happy with something you spend 20 minutes on and yet you can spend hours on some cards & they never feel quite perfect!!!!!
This is the first of the personalised diary's I am making for friends gifts this year, I hope they like them. I enjoyed making something other than a card!!!!


nessy said...

just love the xmas card ~how long did it take you?? amazing you`ll be finished by the weekend!!!
very special gift for your friend ~lovely thought!!
love the new look blog!!
vanessa xx

Vicky said...

Glad you've made a start on your christmas cards! Lol! Great design. Love the personalised christmas presents you're doing for your friends, I'm sure they'll love them!
Hus, Vicky x