Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is my blog still here????

Hello has anyone seen my blog lol??? I thought I would log in and check my dashboard to see what everyone else has been up to then I saw I haven't posted since March!!!! Time really flies these days. I thought I would post and tell you about my crafting activities.

I received a sewing machine for my birthday in March, so since then I have been doing a bit of basic sewing trying to improve. I have made lots of drawstring and tote bags, some pram blankets any my latest project (see pic above) an upcycled skirt for my daughter using an old Tshirt!!!

I am really enjoying sewing its very addictive like paper craft. There are also lots of lovely buttons and embellishments to collect and buying fabric is just as addictive as paper lol!!!

My third crafting hobby is baking!!! I bake every week for the school cake stall and love doing fancy biscuits and cupcakes for the children. I also make cupcake toppers which I personalise for Birthdays etc....

I had not made a card for ages but last night I had the urge!!! So I went out to my shed to make a challenge card. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Although when I look at my cards now I am never happy with the end result. Hopefully this will come when I get back into it???

Hope you are all well and life has been kind, I look forward to catching up with your posts.